Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Running Abroad: China

Above:China Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai
Above: Me eating a chicken leg. It was like chewing on a piece of picked rubber.

Goose, Chicken leg, some sort of nut, and dried fish. Not exactly the best food for running, but I actually liked most of it.

Pu dong Skyline Shanghai

Another shot of at the World Expo

Here are a few pictures of my trip to China. I was in Shanghai for about 3 weeks for work and it was a great trip, but not so great for my running. Shanghai is 13 hour different than Minnesota so it took about a week to get used to the time change. Shanghai is also a city of about 20 million people and is constantly growing, their main object is economic growth not designing a city that is run friendly. This along with a crazy work schedule really limited my running, when I did get the ambition to run it was generally on the treadmill or out in the 90+ degree weather with 90+% humidity and lot of pollution. I have posted a few links to some of the outdoor runs that I did do, but had to really keep them short due to the heat.

China is a fascinating country and Shanghai is the crown jewel of the country. There is certainly a lot of western influence in the city and the culture, but it is still very different that the US. One particular difference is the communist government who does control a lot of things that we really take for granted and don't notice. For example this blog, I was not able to access it and there are not many blogs in China, legal ones anyways. All of the news is government run and so you guessed it approval ratings for the government just don't exist out in public anyways.

All that being aside it was another great trip to China and I look forward to going back. I will just have to plan to not have to run too much while there.

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