Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding that Flow:

It seems that once or maybe twice while training for a race there will be a run that just feels great. Basketball players refer to it as being in the zone and other talk about being the flow or flow state. In more general terms means to be in a mental state of focus and positive energy.

Tonight I was feeling it and was definitely in some sort of flow. I think that it is often more difficult for distance runners to get into the flow state because the workouts you do are generally very calculated and precise. "Runner this distance at this pace and at this heart rate." At least this was the case for me last year when I was much more focused on turning out a good marathon time. This year with more of a focus on running trail races and ultras my training schedule is a lot more flexible. Tonight I decided to head out on a tempo run and wanted to average 6:15 minute mile pace for about 8 miles. I think I did that and really felt great the whole time. There were times when I really felt like my legs could not carry me fast enough. I never really felt winded and my legs felt fresh the whole time. I did have some tightness in my stomach but that could have just been the 2 donuts a eat before I went out for the run.

It was also fun to run at night. I don't really do it that much but the weather was gorgeous out for a change, high 50's with little wind. It seemed like the perfect temp outside and being that it was around 10pm there early wasn't anyone else out. I ran along the Mississippi River Blvd on the Minneapolis and St. Paul side and the have a lot of great street lights that line that biking and running paths. The nice part about them is that there are a lot of them so if you are really moving it feels like you're zooming past them. Like I said it doesn't happen too often and rarely happens during a race, but when you find that groove and get into that flow state you can really move. Here is the workout with heart rate and pace if you want to check it out.

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  1. J, Great post! It doesn't happen often for me, but when it does, I feel like I'm just along for the ride, and someone else is doing the work! Good job!