Friday, June 17, 2011

Grandma's Marathon:2011

I'm off to another Grandma's Marathon tomorrow. It is the 35th Annual race that is full a history and has produce some great races. It seems like quite a long time ago that I toed the line for my first marathon 5 years ago with the goal of finishing and not dieing. A lot has changed since then in my running world but the one thing that is the same is the Grandma's marathon, it is still an awesome race. It is extremely well organized, well supported, great fan support the entire way, the course is beautiful and very fast and with all of the activities surrounding the race it makes for an amazing weekend each year.

I am going into this race with some mixed feelings as to how I want to approach the race. I have actually recovered quite well from my 100 miler in Kettle Moraine and now that I am not running the Black Hills 100 miler next weekend I don't really have to save myself for that race. I'd like to run a sub 3 hour time as long as my shins hold up again. I haven't had any issues with them lately so hopefully they are on the road to recovery. I also have a few friends running the race and one of them Ben, his blog, is trying for a PR. His current PR is 3:06 I believe, so I might try and pace him for the race, though I'm pretty bad at keeping a consistent pace so I might do more damage then good. It is always hard from me not to give it my all when I'm out on the course, I don't think its pride or the need to "always do my best" but rather that I get caught up in the moment and it is just so enjoyable to just, as my friend Evan would say "Drop the Plow" and go. So we'll see what happens this weekend, I will not guarantee any results other than I'm sure it will be another great Grandma's marathon weekend.

I'll be sure to post my results and you can even watch a live feed of the finish line below.

Link to Live Video Feed: Click Here

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