Sunday, July 5, 2009

Afton 50k: Results

It's official. I can now say that I am officially a Ultra marathoner. I completed my first Ultra marathon, any race over the standard 26.2 mile marathon distance. This probably being the shortest leap into the Ultra marathon spectrum but a leap none the less.

I actually felt really good throughout the entire race. There was a lot of hills, there was really only two areas of about 3/4 of a mile and a mile were there was flat running. Other than that it was pretty much up and down the whole way. It was a beautiful course, it was set in Afton State Park, next to Afton Alps, a ski resort, so yeah hills. The nice thing about it was you really could ever see that far ahead of your so the challenge of running 31+ mile up and down hills was slightly lessened because you could only see a few meters in front of you. You really only had to worry about the next few step in front of you, which generally was enough to worry about. You really had to watch every step to ensure that you had proper footing.

Here is a link to the results page of the Afton 50k Results, they should be posting the results soon. I am definitely like the trail running that I have done so far, it is a nice change of pace. I do feel that I will have to do a little more strength training in order to better condition my legs to take the ponding of the trails, but I'm not too worried.

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