Monday, November 15, 2010

What Motivates You to Run?:

There was a discussion question on the Running in Business LinkedIn group that I am a member of that asked the simple question of "What motivates you to run." I began to think of all of the money, time, effort and even anxiety that I have put myself through over the past few years that related to running and it was quite a bit, so why am I doing it?

To the best of my knowledge I have reduced the minor things like, its good for me, sense of accomplishment, gets me off of the couch type arguments and tried to really distill it down to the one main driving factor. I believe that running like many of the things that I do is related to my desire to simply be motivated and inspired. The sense of being able to accomplish something that you didn't think was possible and then improving that to levels you that were merely a distant thought is such a great feeling.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that Aristotle believe that we lived our lives striving to do good for that one moment right before death when your life flashes before your eyes and if you had lived a good life you would be truly happy in that moment and would die in peace. he most have been an endurance athlete, because that is really what we do. Train for endless hours and give up many of the things we enjoy for the one moment as we cross that finish line when we know that all of the work has paid off. So I guess what motivates me to run is that feeling for inspiration and the one moment as your crossing the finish line when you can say I ran a good race and all the training was worth it.

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