Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cold weather running:

Tips for Cold Weather Running:

  • Make sure to stay hydrated: Even though you may not sweat as much and feel thirsty you are still losing a lot of fluids. Remember that when you can see your breath in the cold you are losing that much moisture every breath.
  • Staying warm: Yes, it is important to stay warm but remember that your body warms up roughly 10 degrees fahrenheit once you are warmed up. You should be slightly cool when first start running.
  • Make you warm up and cool down inside: Especially cooling down. When its cold outside you cool down fast as soon as you stop running, so make sure to get inside soon after your run.
  • Keep a look out: With daylight saving time coming up and the daylight already fading fast make sure you are carrying a headlamp and wearing reflective gear if you are running near traffic. Do no assume that any cars see you.

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