Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(PR) Personal Records

At this point I think that I am going to call it a year. I don't think I am going to enter any more races this year. I have had a lot of fun running the ones that I did and set PR's (Personal Records) in my Marathon, 25K, 50K and 50 mile distances. The biggest record being the Marathon because I have only ran one each of the other ones once. Next year I think I'm going to go for quality over quantity. 2009 was a year of a lot of races and I had a blast, I raced 203.7 miles this year and a considerable amount more in training.

2010 I think I'm going to focus in on more PR's, I have never ran a 10k or Half Marathon and haven't done a 5k since really high school. I think that while I am still young and able to have the time to really focus in on the marathon I'm going o try and maximize my potential in that race. I figure that I can switch over to the ultra marathons when I'm older. Dean Karnazes didn't start really running until he was 30 and most of the top ultra runners are in the mid 30's to early 50's. I think I will try and focus in on my marathon time and use some short races 5k, 10ks, Half Marathons to tune up for those races.

The only thing that will be tough is that I really started to enjoy the trail races especially the ultras. I mean where else can you get the chance to see 50 miles of some of the most beautiful countryside in MN in one day? I will also miss getting to know more about the Ultra marathon community, it is definitely a different and diverse group of people and not very big, understandable, so they seem to be a pretty close knit bunch. Marathoners on the other hand are a whole different breed, sort of the speedsters of true distance running if you will. Note that I consider the marathon the shortest "distance" race. For now I will be cutting back the miles and ramping up the weight training, I really believe that the work that I did last winter in the weight room really help me to be injury free and able to run the amount of races that I did.

On that note here is a good article from Runner's World about how to work towards that new PR. Enjoy!

Magic Mile Repeats at Runner's World

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