Monday, May 24, 2010

Fargo Marathon 2001:Race Report

The 2010 Fargo Marathon is in the books and marked in the win column for me. The weather was not quite perfect but certainly better than last year when it was 33 degrees out when we started. This year it was rainy, which actually helped with the heat, it was in the mid 60's most of the race with a bit of wind.

A high school friend and I ran the 2-man relay this year. I am trying to not run as many full marathons this year in hopes of improving my time. I ran the first leg of the race, which for whatever reason was 15miles long and my friend ran the second part 11.2 miles. Because the distance was and odd length I was more concerned with my pace. I have posted the race results and my Garmin watch readings below. I ran a 5min 50 sec mile pace and crossed the 1/2 marathon mark at 1 hour and 16 mins. I was very happy with this pace and the overall time.

The course, as you can guess, in Fargo was flat and fast. You start outside of the Fargo Dome and wind your way through Fargo, ND and parts of Moorhead, MN. The only difficult part is that some parts of the course are through residential areas that you have to wind through and causes you to turn a lot, but not a big deal for me. Because I started and was only running 15 miles I was running with the elite runners throughout the race. I was in 6th place for most of the race, but because there were not a lot of runners at that speed I often found myself running alone, which make it difficult for me to keep a consistent pace, as you can see from my Garmin read out.

All in all another great race and a fun weekend, several family members and friends ran in the full marathon, 1/2 marathon, marathon relay and 10K. One of the fun parts for me was getting to see two family members finish their first marathon, I even got to run the last few miles with one of them Finishing my first marathon was such an amazing feeling and accomplishment in my life and has obviously had an affect on my life and to get to be there when they both finished theirs was a lot of fun and something that, hopefully, they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

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