Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rule:

What do you do when you meet a fellow runner on a trail or path?

Give a nod?

Little hand wave?

Keep your eyes locked forward and pretend they are not there?

Well, I have had mixed experiences with other runners, I generally try and give a little wave or a head nod. Some runners are very friends and give you a nice hello or a wave, but it seems like with the growing number of ipods out there now that there is a little bit of the social aspect that is lost out there. Below is a podcast form Endurance Planet that talks about this subject.

Endurance Planet Podcast

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  1. Hey Jordan - thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find you have one! It's freaky just the other day I was talking about you - I'd seen your Mpls marathon results (huge Congrats!) and remembered you flying by me at Afton last year. I was telling the guys you remind me of Brian Peterson who we train with - you may have heard of him - about same age as you and dropping big chunks of time with every race - perhaps you guys will get to battle it out at Afton. But no pressure :)

    On a related note I saw in your other blog you read White Tiger - I just started it last week and think I will really enjoy it.