Monday, September 27, 2010

Time to Slow Down?

Like many runners, or athletes in general, we have the mentality that more is better. I have used this approach to my training this past year when getting ready for the Minneapolis marathon and the Chicago marathon in 2 weeks. I do feel that in order for me to further improve I will need to train harder and add more mileage.

I have learned to try and maintain a balance of rest and training. I have found that my recovery days really need to be just that. There is no advantage of pushing yourself on days that are meant to recover, it is completely counter productive. This is a difficult thing for me because again I like most athletes or competitive people liken ourselves to Sharks. If you not moving your dead.

One of the biggest mistakes that most runners make is going to hard on easy days and not hard enough on the hard days. I am planning on eventually doing another ultra marathon and that will be based a lot on big mileage weeks, but still you need to balance rest and recovery to avoid injury.

Here is a link to an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about endurance athletes pushing them too hard.

Wall Street Journal Article:

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