Friday, October 1, 2010

Ryan Hall NOT running the Chicago Marathon 2010:

As the count down to the 2010 Chicago marathon closes in I have already moved up one place in the results before the race has even started. Ryan Hall, the top American marathon has announced that he is no longer running the Chicago marathon. I have included a link to Ryan Hall's blog post explaining, Hall goes on to say that he has made the decision based on his recent 1/2 marathon race at the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in Philly where he placed a disappointing 13 place overall, but ran a pace only a few seconds faster in the 1/2 that he will need to run for twice the distance.

I think that he is just scared to race me again. Hall ended up on top in our first meeting, 2009 Boston marathon, Hall placing 3rd and me finishing on his heals placing 532nd. However, since that 2009 Boston marathon I have improved on my personal best by 6 minutes, Hall on the other hand has yet to even reach his personal best since 2008 London marathon. Not to worry we will meet again and the rivalry will continue.

As for me I am preparing for my first Chicago marathon. I have heard that it is a flat and fast course so I am hoping for a new personal best. I love the city of Chicago and Sunday I will get a great 26.2 mile tour of the city it should be great and I am really looking forward to the race and the weekend.

Ryan's Blog Post about his decision not to Run

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