Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Off Season:

Now that the 2010 racing season is officially done, I debated about running the Mankato Marathon or the Surf the Murph races but they filled up already, I can relax and take it easy. The only problem is that like every off season period it seems like I am now extremely motivated to build upon my last race.

I have been taking it easy and have only ran a few times since the Chicago marathon, but I have already started my off season strength training and I am looking into some yoga classes and cycle classes to help improve upon some of my weaknesses.

Here are my initial off season goals however, they often change as I figure out what races I want to do the following year.

1. Strength Training-I need to work on some muscular imbalances that I have as well as improve my overall strength. I feel that if you have a good strength base it can greatly help you to be able to handle all of the training miles as well as help to reduce injuries. One thing that you do have to be careful with in my case is not to add too much muscular bulk. Not that I generally do but adding an extra 3-5 pounds of muscle is not the goal, making them stronger is.

2. Maintain a good level of cardio, so that I am not completely starting from zero once I jump into another training program.

3. Increase my flexibility. I do not feel that it is a vital component to running especially distance running but i personally feel better and I think that it helps reduce injuries and minor aches.

4. Relax. Even I get sick of running and training, so definitely taking some time to simply not feel guilty about not running.

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