Sunday, February 13, 2011

36 Mile Run:

Here is the my Garmin readout of my 36 mile run this past weekend.
Another runner who is running the Zumbro 100 with me help to organize a great supported run. It was awesome to not only have someone o run with for a change but to have a fully supported run the entire way. Two of our friends and fellow runners followed us in there car and stopped every four miles so that we could refill our water bottles and grab some snacks to eat. Many thanks to Dan and Leslie for all of your support and help.

I felt pretty good throughout the entire run and averaged a pretty good pace. The nice weather was a bonus and it was really great to be able to talk with Kathy about her experiences running specifically ultras. She has ran the Leadville 100 mile race twice and a number of other 50 mile, 50K and marathons before.

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