Saturday, February 5, 2011

Product Review: Thermal Quickdraw Hand Held Water Bottle from Nathan Sport

Thermal Quickdraw Hand Held Water Bottle from Nathan Sports I have used several times now, for both short runs and a couple 30+ mile runs. It have a good fit on your hand and has an adjustable strap to tighten or loosen the hand grip. The holder also has a small pocket that can be used for keys, small cell phone or about 3 gels. This thermal version from Nathan Sports works as more of a barrier from keeping you hand from warming up the contents of the bottle, I don't think it will actually keep liquids much hotter or colder because of this.

The bottle holds 22 0z. and uses Nathan Sports quickdraw water valve, which isn't much different from your normal water bottle, pull up to open, press down to close. The lid is a bit tricky to get on and off and make sure that the lid is tightly on, because if not the first time you squeeze the bottle you will lose most of your liquid. The bottle fit very snugly into the thermal sleeve so getting it in and out take a bit but there is no real reason other than cleaning that you need to be taking the bottle out of the sleeve.

Pros: Good fit and feel on your hand, nice sized pocket and adjustable grip strap.

Cons: Lid is a bit tricky to secure.

Bottom line: This is a very good product overall, with only one minor issue. I would recommend this product to others.

Retail Price: $25.00 USD

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