Monday, February 14, 2011

What to Give a Runner for Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentines Day!

You know I really don't mind Valentines Day all that much, so what if it was invented by corporate America, it's an excuse to spend time with the ones you love. Now if that lucky lady just happens to be a runner you're in luck guys I got you covered. Here are some great ideas for those lovely lady runners in your life.

1. A nice box of assorted of gels and goos. Now sure chocolate is a simple carbohydrate but does it have the necessary electrolytes and sodium needed to avoid dehydration? I don't think so, plust that special person will appreciate the fact that you are not only tapping into her sweet tooth but but also looking out for her hydration needs too.

2. Now some of you might be thinking jewelry, forget that, go with the a new GPS watch. Sure she may think she wants that new diamond bracelet or necklace to show off to your girlfriends but there is a certain amount of elegance and luster in having a device that you can strap to your wrist and accurately track your pace, time, distance and heart rate all at once and display the results that she can instantly email to all her friends. Now that will make them jealous. Plus I can't think of anything more romantic than whispering each others' mile splits to one and other while sipping on a cold glass of chocolate milk while you cold down and refuel from you run.

3. What about flowers? Nothing gets a girl more excited than having flowers delivered to her at work right for all her co-works and friends to see. Not if your gal is a runner, what she really wants is an exercise ball to sit on instead of the old office chair she has. Flowers are dead after a few days, but her new exercise ball it the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it help keep those hamstring from tightening up from sitting all day but it also help develop lower back and core strength while she's at her desk for hours and hours. Trust me guys, flowers are for show but an exercise ball will help her with that get up and go.

4. I am sure there are even a few of you guys out there that are even thinking about give that special lady a cute cuddly puppy for valentines day and...well you're getting closer. She doesn't want a cute little puppy that is going to poop, pee and chew everything up in sight. What you really want is a full grow, fully trained running dog. Now I'll recommend huskies, especially for you fellow Minnesotans, these dogs are made to run hard and run a long time. That little puppy is going to take months or even years before you can get it trained and in shape enough for you to take him out for a 10 mile run, besides they only stay cute for a few months anyways.

Well guys I hope I was able to help you out. Trust me if your gal is a runner she'll appreciate you thinking about her needs this Valentine's Day.

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