Saturday, April 23, 2011

Minneapolis Trail Running: Winchell Trail

Winchell Trail

Yesterday I set out on a 25-30 mile run with the intent of averaging 7 minute miles in preparation for the Fargo Marathon. I didn't exactly average 7 minute miles, I was a bit sore from lifting the day before and I have found that with all of the base training that I have been doing for the 100 mile races that I have lost a lot of speed. I did ok and got a few good tempo miles in, see my garmin read out below.

The great part about my run yesterday was the discovery of Winchell Trail this link is the best description I could find on it. It is definitely a little known path in Minneapolis which start around the Franklin St. Bridge along the River Road and goes nearly to the Ford Bridge. There was a bit of flooding in some of the low areas of the trail because the river was still very high but I got to run most of it. It is actually a great trail, most of it is not too challenging but there are some pretty good single track areas, which is not too bad for being only a few miles from downtown Minneapolis. One thing is for sure the Nike Free 3.0s are not meant for trail running especially when it is muddy out.

This was definitely a nice surprise to the end of my run and I'll definitely be logging some miles on this trail, unfortunately I think it's only a few miles long but I can't really complain I live in Minneapolis. Below are some pictures of the trail I took with my cell phone, enjoy.

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls were roaring

Minnehaha creek

Yep, plenty of hills

Very weird gorge with a drainage line and that brick thing. I don't know what it is.

More hill training

One of the cool parts about this trail is that you are right down by the Mississippi river and it doesn't even feel like you are in the city anymore.

Trail huddles

There were some very steep ares, the Nike Frees held up though.

I thought this was funny, someone a runner I would guess left a gatorade with some cups on top as an impromptu water stop. I guess it is sort of like an Easter egg hunt for runners.

Single Track running

Marshall/Lake St. Bridge

There are still some remnants of winter

Looks like good place to train for Zumbro for next year.

If anyone is interested it looks like Rapunzel's house if for sale.


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  2. You're going to have to show me how to get on that trail!

  3. @Edward will do. I think there is another trail on the other side of the river too. It's nice to have at least a few miles of trail within the city.