Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zumbro 100 Mile Race Check List:

People always assume that running is a pretty cheap sport and it is. Unfortunately racing is a whole different thing, it turns out is quite expensive. Not only do you have to buy endless number of running shoes, but the race fees, travel, nutrition and as you can see below a lot of extras if you want to run Ultras.

As I get ready to do my first 100 mile trail race this Friday (Zumbro 100) I want to make sure that I have everything I need or may need while I'm out there. Below is my check list of things that I got in preparation for my race. There are a lot of things that I'm really hoping that I don't have to use, such as duct tape and super glue. Yes, I have heard of runners that have had to duct tape and glue themselves back together in order to continue racing, let's hope I don't have to do that. Anyways here is what I am bringing to the race on Friday some of it is for my crew, I am trying to take care of them a bit, but most of it is for me. It is a lot longer list than I originally thought but I suppose you better be safe than sorry.

Facebook Page for the Race:

Zumbro Check List:


· foot powder

· ice

· alchol wipes

· towels

· sunscreen

· pepto bismol

· tums

· Athletic tape (3 rolles)

· duct tape (hopefully I will not have to use this for any reason)

·Super glue (again hopefully will not be used)

· blister pads, bandages

· body glide

· glasses/extra contacts

· TP/Paper towels

· Vaseline

· aspirin/pain reliever

· chapstick

· towels (to wipe off feet at aid stations, one in each drop bag)


· Swiss Army knife

· Power inverter (for crew)

· camping stove (for crew)

· garmin watch

· ipod

· 2 hand water bottles

· camera

· Larger cooler

· Chairs (3 chairs)

· 2 headlamp w/ extra batteries

· gaiters

· sunglasses

· portable alarm clock (for crew)

· Drop bags (2-3)

· hand warmers (12-15 hours worth)

· 2 Spibelts

· power cords (camera, laptops, ipod for crew)

· Tarp (for crew)

· camp fire tea kettle (for crew)

· blankets and pillow (for crew)


· under armor long sleeve

· under armor short sleeve

· short and long sleeve tops

· winter hats

· running hats

· gloves 2-3 sets

· tights 2 sets

· 2 jackets

· recovery tights

· 3-4 pairs of running shoes

· Rain coat

· socks-lots


· Clif shot blocks

· Chia Seeds

· avacados

· Peanut butter

· Potatoe chips

· snicker bars

· Bottled of water

· Coke

· Red Bull

· bread

· Star Buck instant coffee (for crew)

· gels-1 box

· coconut water (4 liters)

· S Caps (salt tablets)

· Enduromax powder mix

· veggie broth (3 liters)

· Chicken noodle soup (3 cans)


Cash (For park entry fee)


  1. Wow...that's quite a list Jordan. Lots of variety. One note, it looks like you had aspirine as a pain reliever. I have been cautioned that some pain relievers can be hard on your kidneys...the best choice might be tylenol.

  2. Yeah, it turned out to be quite a list. Thanks for the advice on the pain reliever, I really never use aspirin or Tylenol ever so didn't really think there was much of a difference. Good to know.