Thursday, August 18, 2011

International Hmong Market: Lunch

This is a bit late but had a really good and very interesting lunch last week at the International Hmong Market in St. Paul. For those of you who have been to Asian markets in China this was like stepping into another country. Just returning from Shanghai as few weeks ago this was a bit strange to have a place like this only 20 mins away. A co-worker organized the lunch trip and we headed out, we all got a few different items and shared them. I had some Hmong sausage, Papaya Salad, Bubble Tea, Rice Sausage and Pig Uterus. The Pig Uterus was actually not bad, very irony tasting and pretty chewy but I have definitely had worse.

I would recommend this is anyone who is an adventurous eater or just wants a unique food experience here in the Twin Cities. One piece of advice on the Papaya salad, their version of mild is pretty hot for Minnesota standards so be forewarned.

Pig Uterus

Pig Uterus

Papaya Salad

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