Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ragnar Relays: 2011

Tomorrow is the Ragnar Relays: Great River, a 193 mile relay race from Winona, MN to Minneapolis. I am enter along with 3 other crazy individuals who have determined that a 4 man team is a better value than the normal 12 or 6 man team. This should be a lot of fun and a brand new challenge. The way the Ragnar Relays work is you have your team and two support vans that support the runner along the way. There are multiple exchange point were you swap out runners. In a 12 person team the average length of each leg is 3-7 miles, the event normally take about 24 hours depending on how fast your team is.

This will be interesting because each of our 4 person team will have about 45 miles to run total and each of our four legs will be anywhere from 8-14 miles then we will get 3-6 hours of rest time in between this is a lot of time in between runs. It is almost enough time to fully recover, meaning if one were is pretty good shape you could almost race all four section at close to your half marathon pace.

My team name is UltraRagnasty Fab 4, we will be starting at 12:00pm tomorrow and will hopefully finish around 3-4pm on Saturday in Minneapolis. I will definitely post a race report and hopefully have plenty of pictures and maybe even some video. I posted the course map below and I will try and tweet(follow me @jhanlon31)and update my facebook status as cell phone service permits.

View Great River Ragnar Relay in a larger map

Below is a Check List that I used for the race.

Ragnar Check List 2011:


___Running Shorts-3 pairs

___Extra shorts

___Running tops-2

___T-shirts -2


___Long sleeve running top


___Socks 3 extra pairs


___Running shoes-2 pairs


___Handheld water bottles-2

___Camel Pack

___Head lamp


___Safety vest

___Tail light

___LED lantern

___Car power inverter


___Bug spay


___Garmin Watch

___Garmin Watch Charger




___Athletic tape

___Body glide

___Blister pads

___2nd skin

___Mole skin

___Sun block


___Baby wipes

___Extra contacts

___Contact case & solution





___Shot blocks-8 packs

___Salt tablets

___EnduroMax Sport drink mix

___PB&J sandwiches


___Salted Nut Rolls-5

___Ginger Ale

___Red Bull


___Coconut water

___Chips-1-2 bags

___Sports Drink

___Chocolate covered espresso beans

___Ice lots

___Water 10-15 gallons total


___Glow sticks (optional)

___Sidewalk chalk (optional)

___Shower gel


___Pillow-travel pillow


___Ipod and holder

___Race Bible


___Cell phone & Charger


___( )

___( )

___( )

___( )

___( )

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