Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beat the Heat!

I didn't have to go to work this Saturday, so I decided to get a good run in.  I guess I know I'm in pretty good shape know when I can run nearly a marathon in a spur of the moment.  I didn't quiet make it a marathon about 25 miles, but I took off after learning I didn't have to go to work with a 1/2 of a smoothie in my stomach a cup of coffee and a danish to fuel me.  I, quite foolishly didn't take any water, gatorade or any type of replenisher with my.  All I had was a cliff bar, and my ipod.  I didn't even stretch just headed out and it was hot I think it was around 75 degrees when I started, 11:40am and it ended up around 90 when I was done, 3:25pm.

The humidity was pretty bad the heat index was around 95 degrees I guess.  I should say that the route I was running had plenty of water fountains to drink from and plenty of other runners, walkers, and bikers the whole way.  I do not recommend this for anyone, you should carry a replenisher, something with electrolytes and sodium, if you are going to run for more than an hour, especially in the heat.    

I actually felt pretty good and ran the thing pretty darn fast, I definitely would have been a sub-4 hour marathon.  With all the running I have done I do feel that I run better then most in the heat.  It doesn't really seem to effect me nearly as much.   I don't really plan to taper much for the Wildwoods 25k this weekend but I'm looking forward to it and will probably try and get in some good tempo runs just to get the legs moving so I remember what it's like running a 6:15 mile pace.  

Here is a nice video for some general hydration tips.

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