Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Watch!

I finally got a new Heart Rate Monitor.  After putting it off all summer and combing through product reviews and online sites, I finally go one.  I went with the Garmin 405, the big selling points for me were the all-in-one GPS and the great reviews the GPS system got.  Apparently it is good for running on trails and under trees without losing signal.  Both of these are big selling points for me because I'm going to be doing a lot more trail races and not having to strap an additional arm band on is great, not to mention the majority of the setting are controlled but the Touch Bezel, which is similar to the ipod touch wheel.  It definitely is bigger than your normal watch quite a bit bigger than the Polar FT80 that I had an lost.  But functionality over fashion any day in the running community.  

I'm even considering getting up tomorrow morning and going for a run just to try it out.  I needed to charge it today, otherwise I would have done use it today.  By the way I went for about 8 miles total with 2 set of 3 miles at a 6 minute mile pace.  I had to try and squeeze some speed work in for my 25K this weekend.  

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  1. Jordan,

    You will love it. I have used Forerunner watches since the earliest generation. It is my #1 favorite running gadget of all time. I love coming in from a run and being able to see all the data, and then see it on maps and even satellite images. It makes track work and speedwork much more interesting too.

    Good luck in your 25k this weekend.