Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Well, I won't teach you to be rich but, here is a great book that will actually teach you to be rich. Not the quick and easy way but the smart way over time, being smart with your money, and not wasting it on numerous fees and other pitfalls.

Yes, I know not running related at all, but the one thing that I have learned this year about running is the it can be expensive, as my prior post(The Opportunity Cost of Running) calculated that the opportunity cost of running this year was about $15,350.00, which is a lot to me.

The thing I like the most about this book is that it is straight forward advice targeted towards younger people just starting out, but is good for anyone who wants to be smarter with their money. It talks about everything from how to maximize your credit score, which in turn can save you thousands when buying a house, car or any type of loan. So forget saving $10 a week by not buying a few lattes, get your great score up and save $20,000 when you buy your first house. The big message that he pushes is that you have to take the initiative.

One problem that I feel that lead to the decline of our economy was not just greedy bankers, toxic loans, and politicians; it was that America as a nation that was built on hard work and perseverance starting trying to create wealth without having to work for it. I know that I have posted this before but here is a great video(Mike Rowe Celebrates Dirty Jobs) from a great website ( that speaks to that subject. Sorry that was my soap box moment for the night.

The advice in this book is no secret and many of us are doing a lot of these things already but this book lay it out very nicely and straight forward. You do not have to be a financial wiz to incorporate these technics, yes people with strong background in finance, the economy and the stock market can take investing to the next level but by being smart and having a plan you can still get a great return for your money without having to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

Trust me the book is only $10 on Amazon (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)
and free at the library it is well worth your time. Now all you have to figure out is how to financially justify all those pairs of running shoes, or in my case $110 pair of winter running tights.

Also great information on the Author's site.

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