Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stubborn Runners

I like so many of us runners are a pretty stubborn bunch. I myself am a big fan or taking a post workout sauna, of course this is not good for you, as the last thing you want to do after a workout is further dehydrate yourself, but I still sneak one or two in every once in a while. We are especially stubborn when it comes to things that deny us our sacred runs.

Such as injuries and things that life throws at us that makes running less than convenient. One such event has occurred in my life just recently. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, which was not nearly as bad as I though it was going to be. This is not really a big issue but the dentist said I was not to run until Wednesday and then start with half the workout I normally do.

I have always respected the wishes of any medical practitioner that I have dealt with, but I am having a lot of trouble sitting on my couch when it is nearly 60 degrees outside and frankly I feel great. I can barely feel the 4 holes in my mouth and haven't taken any pain killer for a while now. This might be the last nice day out to run this year, then it will be a lot of cold windy running outside and long boring miles on the treadmill inside.

I can't really figure out how running will even effect my mouth or the formal real estate where my wisdom teeth once resided, so on that note I'm out the door for a run...I just hope that my dentist doesn't read this blog.

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