Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Race Schedule:

Ok, I know that it is already the end of January and I am just finalizing this now. Here is the races that I am planning on running this year. I intend on focusing on improving my marathon time so I am not going to be doing as many races this year. My main focus will be on two races the Minneapolis marathon on June 6th and the Chicago marathon on October 10th.

I have listed my 2010 Race Schedule to the right and will be posting my results throughout the year. Last year was the year I went for the ultras and completed my first ultra marathon and first 50 milers. I fell in love with running on trails and feel that it actually plays to my strengths. My strengths having short legs that are able to traverse rough terrain and enjoying the race more the rougher the course.

This year I'm going for speed, I am focusing on the marathon and will actually not enter nearly as many races as I would like and will focus my training on improving my marathon time.

2010 Goals:

Run sub 2:40:00 marathon

Finish Top 10 in Minneapolis Marathon

Finish Top 50 at Grandma's Marathon

Finish Top 10 in Afton 50K

Defend title at Wildwoods Challenge 25K

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  1. Nice Goals, they all appear to be achievable too.