Saturday, January 30, 2010

Running Aboard:

The one thing that I feel will be a major challenge for me this year is making sure that I can dedicate the amount of time and effort to my training that I feel is necessary to achieve the goals that I set for this year. There is only a handful of runners who can either afford to dedicate all the time they want to running or are good enough that someone pays them to dedicate all their time to running. I am neither at this point.

Currently I have a great job and allows me enough time to run and have a social life, however, this upcoming year I will be traveling quite a bit for work. I will be actually traveling internationally quite a bit for 2-3 weeks at a time. This is a great opportunity for me to gain a lot of great experience while also getting to see the world. Do not get me wrong I am extremely excited about these opportunities.

The challenge is that the nature of my work requires me to meet and discuss with clients and potential clients a lot which tends to make for long days. I recently returned from a trip to Mexico City and each day started at 7 am and generally ended around 1am by the time we eat and caught up on emails. This will be a challenge amount all of the other challenges there are in making sure you exercise while traveling for business or pleasure.

I know that this is extemely latebut when I was in France last October I was able to fit a few runs in during my trip and I took my camera along for one run. Sorry it is still quite dark out I believe it was around 6am when I was out but I got to run up and done the most famous street in Paris, the Champs-Elysées which has the Arc de Triomphe at one end and the Louvre Museum at the other.

Warning if you get motion sickness; watching this video might not be for you.

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