Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 13 Shoes

Here is a quick product review on the Mizuno Wave Rider 13. These are a very light-weight neutral show, they weight in at roughly 10.5 oz and really feel like there is not much there at all, in a good way. Both pairs of Mizuno shoes I have had were really nice, very light-weight and made you feel fast. The upper portion of the shoes has great ventilation to keep you feet cool during the hot January runs. They do provide a bit of support, but it is definitely a neutral shoe and quite minimal.

It does have a noticeable heel, which is fairly soft and provides good cushioning if you are a heal striker. I am very much a mid foot striker, meaning my foot hits the ground mostly on the balls of my feet, so this added heal support is really a waste for me. I have put about 150 miles on them on the treadmill and outside in the cold and they seem to be holding up well. I would recommend these to runners that are looking for a light-weight, neutral shoe that doesn't mind or could use a little more heal cushioning.


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