Monday, July 18, 2011

Runner's Diet: 7-18-2011

As you can see I generally eat a lot of the same things. They are quick and generally pretty easy to make. During the weekdays its more about refueling than any sort of culinary experience. I will generally cook a few larger portions on Sunday for the first part of the week. The problem is that I normally eat several meals throughout the day so it's a lot to cook. Normally I'll grill some sort of meat and have a simply side of streamed veggies.

I drink mostly black coffee, Yerba Mate and water throughout the day. I have recently started drinking Almond milk but the stuff I have found in the store seems to have a lot of "other" stuff in it that is more than what is in an almond. Here is what I ate yesterday.

7-18-2011/ 4:50am: 4 Scrambled eggs with Spinach and salsa and a glass of almond milk

2nd Breakfast 7-18-2011/9:30am: Grilled beef tips and zucchini

Lunch 7-18-2011/2:20pm: Grilled beef tips and steamed broccoli

Supper 7-18-2011/7:15pm: vegetarian chili and a glass of almond milk

2nd Supper 7-18-2011
Chipotle fajita bowl, I don't really eat out much but if I need some fast food I will generally go with a Chipotle fajita bowl. I ask for no rice and both the black beans and pinto beans instead. I avoid the tortilla, which is delicious but horrible for you, and I also avoid the sour cream and cheese.

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