Friday, July 1, 2011

Running in Shanghai, China

I'm off to spend another 4th of July in Communist China. I have spent the last few July 4th in Shanghai for work, my company exhibits at a show that lands on the first weekend in July. The first few trips were a lot of fun and a great experience, however, during this time of year in Shanghai it is extremely hot, like 100-120 degrees and humid. Shanghai is about 20 million people and it feels like a very modern and somewhat western city. I would compare it to New York on steroids, the rate of growth in China and specifically in Shanghai is staggering.

For example, Minneapolis is has been planning and is now constructing a 2nd light rail line in the Twin Cities. It is scheduled to be completed in 2014, and planning began around 2003-4, so a 10 year project. Shanghai has built a new subway line every year for 7 years straight, they have built a 110 story building in less than 5 years. They have hosted the most elaborate World Expo the world has ever seen, which drew crowds of millions a day. ( I waited almost 2 hours to get into the Italy pavilion and it wasn't even one of the longest lines.)

So what does this mean for me who is trying to stay in shape and get a few miles in while traveling to Shanghai. First is means no more blog post. That's right the Chinese government censors the internet...HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Anyways that mean I can't access my blog, twitter, facebook, youtube, sort like the 1990's again. It will also mean running on a treadmill or the crowded and polluted streets of Shanghai.

I'll be sure to take some pictures and try to take some videos and post them when I get back. Sorry you will all just have to live without my blog for 10 days.

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