Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trip to China:

Due to the fact that China sensors the internet I have not been able to update my blog for some time, but here are some pictures from my trip. No running, staying in a city of 22 million when daytime temps are 95-115 degree, with no real traffic laws that I could tell makes it difficult to get much running done. Enjoy the Pictures!

Me on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai

Lobby of Chinese Restaurant. (We didn't eat these fish)

Hot Pot, not the greatest idea to have in July when its 100 degrees out

Went out for some Korean BBQ and had some squid

Sea Horses, from a traditional Chinese medicine shop

Fish Ball on a stick, just like the State Fair

Puix side of the Bund in Shanghai

Me in front of the Pudong side of the Bund

No idea what this is. Sweat in a bottle?

They have "U" turn lanes in Shanghai

Live turtles for sale at the food market

Yummy Durian

Won't be a meal without Chicken feet

Probably one of the best things to be selling when its 100 degrees out.

What more do you need in a hand tool?

I found where they make all of the junk from the dollar stores

Crab and shrimp on a stick, this is what we need at the State Fair

My attempts at rebelling again Communist China

World's Smallest McDonald's

Me in front of the two tallest buildings in Shanghai

Me in front of the Pearl Tower in Shanghai

I tried all of this and about half of it was pretty good, the other half tasted like rubber.

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