Friday, October 17, 2008

Workout:Oct.13-17th 2008

Monday: 10-13-2008
Excuse: Good Old Fashion Laziness, I know not a good excuse.

Tuesday: 10-14-2008
Strength Training-Full-body Lift

I usually a lot of strength training during the late fall and winter months. Mostly because I just get sick of running so much during the spring/summer. This strength training really helps me to build a solid muscular base fro when I start my running programs in the early spring.

I do a lot of low weight, high repetition type of lifting and I try and do a variety of lifts that work all the major muscle groups. Muscular endurance is the focus not adding bulk.

Wednesday: 10-15-2008
Medium paced 8.5 mile run. Though I did go out for a few happy hour drinks and bar snacks which made the run a bit more difficult. I think that I would have been better off running first then the beer and bar food.

8.5 miles of burping up beer and having onion rings and quesadillas in my stomach is not recommended.

Thursday: 10-16-2008
Excuse: I had class until 9pm.

Excuse Worked late.

Excuse: Bachelor Party!

16 miles medium pace. Had to run off about of the damage done from the bachelor party.

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