Monday, April 5, 2010

Ron Daws 25K: Race Results

This weekend I ran the Ron Daws 25k race in Hopkins, MN for the first time. It was a good but challenging course, there was quite a bit of wind that also did not help things much, but the main challenge was the amount of hills. It was a consistent up and down the whole way. None of the hills were really killers but it was almost impossible to keep any sort of consistent pace, as you can see from the results from my Garmin below.

It is a very low-key event with probably around 50-70 runners, fairly good competition as well. One of the nice things about the race is that it is only $4 for an entry fee. Because it is a more challenging course a lot of runners who are not that serious tend to shy away, so I have been told. I was very happy with my time and results, I was shooting for around a 6 minute mile pace for the race and was just over that with a 6:07 min pace, but considering the wind and the hills I am happy with that time. Here are the results below

Link to Race Replay and Course:
Untitled by jhanlon31 at Garmin Connect - Details

Overall Place: 6th
Overall Time: 1:37:18
Pace: 6:07 minutes/mile
Distance 25 Kilometer/15.91 miles

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  1. Jordan-

    Thanks for running the Ron Daws. Definitely a low-key affair. I agree, despite the low numbers, the field is stong. Anyway, congratulations on a good race. I linked your report over to the MDRA blog (I do a weekly recap of the weekend races). It's at