Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All I Really Want is my Darn Finishers T-Shirt!

I have noticed a growing trend in the racing world that I am sort of not liking. Like 99% of runners I do not run for prizes or money. Don't get me wrong I would, but I'm simply not good enough at this point to earn a living runner or prizes.

The one thing I do like is getting that finishers T shirt, because it says I made it I put in the work and finished this race and I can wear it around and people know that I put in the time and effort to run and finish the race. Now I know that we live in a society that emphasizes equality and giving everyone a fair chance and I am not against that by any means, but the past few races that I have enter I have received a participants shirt at the registration and no finisher's shirt at the end.

Now I know really just whining at this point but if you didn't put in the time or weren't willing to gut it out you shouldn't get a shirt. Just as much as kids need to be praised for trying us adults need to not be coddled if we were not able to complete a task.

1 comment:

  1. Finish the Sawtooth 100 and you get a Belt Buckle. With that Buckle I would become a Cowboy overnight just so I could wear it.