Thursday, September 17, 2009

Injury Update:

[Picture Above is similar to what both my hamstrings looked like]

Just a quick update on the condition of my legs. Everything else feels pretty good on my body and has pretty much fully recover with the exception of my lower hamstrings. As I briefly mentioned in my 50 miler post I had some pain in my hamstring during and after the race. They were actually black and blue afterward, it looked like someone had hit me in the back of the knees with a baseball bat.

Not to worry I think that I simply managed to pull my hamstrings, yesterday I was forced to do some light upperbody and core strength training and today I swam for a bout 45 mins, bike for 30 minute and even ran for 10 minutes, but decided that I would not push the running being that I managed to nearly fall 3 times "running" at 4.5 mph. I am hoping that next week I can get out and do some actual running. I would like to get in 2 weeks of tempo and speed work to tune up before the Twin Cities marathon. We'll see though I'm feeling better by the day but still not to the point were I am able to really get out and run.

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