Saturday, September 19, 2009

Once a Runner: Book Review

There are two books that are considered by many as the best running books ever. Once a Runner: A Novel the other one is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It is difficult to say which is better, because Once a Runner is a novel and Born to Run is more of a memoir/documentary that recounts the author's amazing experience.

Once a Runner is a novel that follows Quenton Cassidy, a track runner at Southeastern University in Florida, as he learns what it takes to truly be a great runner. Quenton is a one of the best runners the Southeastern has ever had he runs the one mile just a few second above 4 minutes, but he realizes that to become a great miler has has to put all of his time and energy into running.

The book was great and really takes you into the mind of a runner. Parker does a great job of describing and recreating all of the sensations of "the big race." It really brought me back to my track days and reminded me of the pain of the interval training and the emotions of those types of races. I think that this book would be great for all sorts of readers but it certainly has grown in popularity with the distance running community, to the point of near cult following.

I think this book was great in so many way and is certainly a must read for all runners, former or future and even none runner would enjoy it and get a little insight as to the reasoning behind The Trials by Mile, Mile of Trials.

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