Thursday, February 11, 2010

Innovations in Treadmills:

I just wanted to quickly post that I have recently discover a few innovations in treadmill that, in my opinion, greatly increase the running experience.

1. Touch Screen multi-media screen built into the treadmill. Fairly easy to use even when running at higher speeds.

2. ipod friendly- I recently got an itouch and it hooks right into the touch screen of the treadmill and I can access and control all the music and videos on my ipod.

3. The ability to hide information on the screen. Up until now I really never cared too much about not being able to see how many miles I ran or how long. However, since I have been doing a lot of miles on the treadmill lately I find that it does help to not have that mileage counter square in your face. This touch screen allows you to hide time, mileage, calories or even change and display different information.

Well that is my plug for the treadmills they have at the gym now and for some reason most people prefer the other ones, so they are alway open. Good news for me.

No that is not actually the picture of the ones they have at the gym.

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