Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running Abroad: Portugal

Campo Pequeno

Unfortunately I have not been able to do a whole lot of running outside in either Spain or Portugal. So far while in Portugal I have only got to run on the hotel treadmill, which was not too much fun and it was quite hot.

Lisbon is a great city, it is a bit similar to Madrid and Spain, but still very unique. It actually reminds me a lot San Francisco, CA it is located on a very large river Tagus near the Atlantic.
It is very hilling has a lot of great sites, there is a fair amount of historic sites but a lot of them were ruined on an earthquake in 1755.

Above are some of the photos that I took, traveling alone has its advantages but not when it comes to taking photos with you in them. Though I didn't get to run much in Lisbon the city and people were great, I got to see a lot of the sites and even took in a Sporting Futbol (Soccer) game.

Traveling, working and trying to run is a challenge and often times something does have to give, but for me it is often a great opportunity to see a lot of the city while getting a workout in. All in all I have had a great time and Lisbon has been a lot of fun and hopefully if I get to come back I will be able to get some site seeing in and running.

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