Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Gear!!

I am generally not the type to go out and spend too much money on the latest gear, running gadgets or apparel but I did just pony up some cash for running tights. Yes running tights...but not just any tights, these compression recovery tights from Skins are supposed to have similar effects to icing when recovering for a race, hard workout or long flights stuck on an airplane.

So how do they work, well full discloser that I have yet to receive them yet so I will want to post a review until I have had a chance to try them out. The general concept behind compression tights or any compression apparel is that it provides pressure on certain muscle areas to prevent swelling and help promote blood flow. While there is a lot of great studies and information on the benefits of compression wear for recover reason, which is what my new tights will be for, evidence on the benefits of wearing compression apparel during a race or activity is spotty at best.

So I shelled out $120 in hopes that these new tights will aid in my recovery, reduce the effects of jet lag on your body and reduce the amount of times I have to sit in a tub of ice. I did do some research and read some reviews on the different tights and these seemed to be the best. Skins Travel & Recovery compression tights, others that I considered were from Zoot and 2XU but Skins seemed to fit my needs the best.

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