Thursday, April 30, 2009

No rest for the Weary!

It has been a nice couple of days after the Boston Marathon, I didn't run for two whole days afterwards.  But now it is back to work, after a week of recovery this week has been trying to get a week of solid training in without pushing too hard as to hurt myself.  

April 23rd: Basketball

April 24th: 6 miles easy pace

April 25th: Light strength training

April 26th: 5 miles easy pace

April 27th: Light strength training and easy 9 miles

April 28th: 5 miles easy

April 29th: Full body strength training and 3x(800m-600m-600m)

April 30th Basketball

I am actually feeling pretty good, other than I am very rusty at basketball, my legs feel pretty good and this week I have felt ok, not bad not great.  I am going to take it really easy next week and make sure that I'm good to go for the Fargo Marathon on May 9th.


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