Monday, April 6, 2009

Workout: April 4th-7th

The countdown continues to Boston exactly 2 weeks away.  I'm feeling pretty good but I'm do not have a really good idea as to how well I will run.  I have incorporated a lot more strength training this year along with a different type of conditioning base on running at a certain tempo as opposed to at a certain heart rate.  

I definitely feel stringer and in the best condition that I've been in but this is the first time I've run a hilling marathon course.  I did really well in high school on hill cross country courses, but those were only 5k(3.2 mile) races.  Well have to see what happens, all I know is that I'm going to enjoy the race and most likely won't be getting first or last.  

April 4th:  40 minute Tempo run at about 9 mph 

April 5th: 15 miles easy about 2 hours

April 6th: 3 miles really easy

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