Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes 2nd Ed. by Monique Ryan

I just finished reading this book by Monique Ryan.  I thought that it was a really informative book that provides a lot of details for all sorts of endurance athletes.  It is more of a textbook than a novel, so I it is not the most entertaining book but again it provides a lot of good information examples and tables to suggestions.  

The book again is specific and gets down to the some of the science of nutrition and how it effects the body.  I recommend this book for serious athletes and recreational athletes that simply want to know more about the nutritional side of training and working out.  Nutrition is one area that most athletes do not pay enough attention to and can greatly improve your performance.  

I have been starting to educate myself a lot more and focusing on not only training hard but getting the right nutrients to fuel your body.


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