Monday, June 29, 2009

Count Down to the Afton 50K

First of all sorry for the lack of posts this past week or so, I have been a bit busy and a  bit lazy at posting.  This Saturday I'm going to be running the Afton 50k, which is in Afton State Park, about 30 minutes east of St. Paul, MN.  If looks like a great race and it will be my first Ultra Marathon.  It is a trail race and by the looks of the course information there are a lot of hills.  I guess I should have guessed being that the course runs around the Afton Alps ski resort. 

I have been slacking a bit in training but I think that it might be a good think that I haven't pushed myself too hard this past week, so that I don't completely die during the race.  I'll get to test out my new trail running shoes and my camel pack.  I'll be sure to update you with the results.  

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