Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grandma's Marathon 2009 Results

Sorry for the delayed response and lack of posted these past few days.  I had some technical difficulties with my computer, my usually reliable Mac Book Pro crashed on me.  

Anyways the Grandma's marathon went great.  It was very hot out I think it was around 70 degrees at the start and high 70's-80 at the end.  I still managed to run a good race, I finished 2 minutes slower than my personal best.  Here are the results:

Grandma's Marathon 2009:

Time: 2:53:58

Overall Place: 67th

Division Place 40th of 1461

Sex Place: 56 of 3702

First 10K: 42:27

13.1 Mile Mark: 1:28:25

20 Mile Mark: 2:13:12

25 Mile Mark: 2:46:14

Last 10K: 40:46

Pace: 6:39

All in all another great Grandma's marathon, despite the heat and nearly half the number of finishers as normal.  Duluth puts on a great marathon and again I had a blast the whole weekend.

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