Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Healthy Drinks for Runners

This year nutrition has been a focus for me. In the past because I ran a fair amount and was a generally healthy person, I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I still can do this, probably to a greater degree because I'm running even more. There is a great saying that goes, "If the furnace is hot enough anything will burn" Well, my furnace runs pretty hot, so I really don't need to watch what I eat, but I have found that I feel better and perform better when I eat healthier and more natural options.

I have done the protein powder and the creatine supplements and they do work, but often they would make my stomach upset and I did not enjoy taking them. Now I find that a lot of fresh fruits and veggie and lean proteins will do the trick, without the side effects of the other supplements. Here is a good article on some healthier alternative for drinks for runner.

I have been experimenting with natural gels and using coconut water instead of a gatorade/powerade all of these have a lot of sugar(fructose) in them and often give me gut rot.

Healthy Drinks for Runners at Runner's World

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