Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fitness Assessment

Yesterday I got a fitness assessment at the gym I go to, it is a Lifetime Fitness.  One of the personal trainers there offered to give me an assessment and even do some follow up work with me.  

Now I have been training quite diligently for about 6 months strength training and the past 8 weeks of intense running to get ready for the Boston marathon.  Well, to my slight surprise I registered quote average on all of the categories.  Strength, flexibility, cardio, Bio Mass index 
[See Results Below]

Well this is understandable because the tests are only in specific areas, such as the strength test is only bicep strength, which I was slightly on the low end of average.  Now not to brag too much but I can bench press around 250lbs and squat somewhere around 350, so I guess I need to start doing some more biceps.  

Anyways, I thought I'd share my results and my slight disappointment that I am just of average fitness level.  I would really like to know what someone that scores off the charts is able to do, if I'm average.  

Cardiovascular- Max VO2 50.5 
Average Range- 44-50

Bicep Strength-80
Average Range 78-91

Sit and Reach Flexability-12.5

Body Composition-9.5%

Overall Fitness-64
Range 1-100


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