Saturday, February 28, 2009

Count Down to Boston!!

The its official I just booked my flight out to Boston, thanks much in part to my cousin we generously donated some of his frequent flyer miles so that I could have enough miles for the flight.  Much Thanks.  

It is just over 7 weeks left until the big race and I'm getting very excited, my Dad and I are going out there from Saturday until Wednesday so we'll even have some time to do a little site seeing.  We are even going to try and go to a baseball game at Fenway Park, the MN Twins are in town the day after the race so we are going to try and get tickets.  Being from MN I'm a Twins fan, just in case you were wondering.  

Training wise I'm feeling very good and I feel I am in better shape that I was for the Grandma's marathon.  I think the strength training has helped out a lot and running on the treadmill a lot this winter has really allowed me to control the pace and difficultly of my runs.  

Anyways just over 7 weeks and counting...


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