Monday, May 11, 2009

Fargo Marathon

Results from the 2009 Fargo Marathon:

Division: Men 25-29
Overall Place: 17
Sex Place:17 (i.e. no girls beat me)
10k: 39:41
13.1 mile: 1:25:09
20 mile: 2:10:49
Last 10k: 41:46
Time: 2:52:34
Pace: 6:35

It was a good race, though the weather was pretty cold.  I didn't do quite as good as I'd liked, I was trying to get under 2:50, but didn't quite make it.  The course was a lot different in that it winded through a lot of residential areas and often in the second half of the race there was no one around meet at all.  A bit different than Boston.

It was a great race and I finished 1st in my age division, so I was very excited about that and I won my first prize, a $50 gift card to Scheels Sporting Goods.  All in all a good race and a great weekend.


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