Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minneapolis Marathon 2009-Results

Here are the results for the Minneapolis Marathon.  It was a great race, very scenic, it started at the Depot in downtown and went through Northeast Minneapolis and down the river.  We swung through Fort Snelling and through some trails then head up the river again and ended behind the New Guthrie  theater.  

The weather was gorgeous it was a little warm towards the end but there was plenty of shade along the way.  As I stated in the previous post I was going to use this as a training run.  Well...I did no such thing.  I started out a bit slow with good intentions but that only lasted for about 9 miles, then it was race time.  

I placed higher than I ever have before and I'll have to admit that after looking at the results I'm a bit disappointed.  I finished 8th overall, which is amazing, but second place was only about a minute and a half ahead of me.  Oh well, next time...

Time: 2:59:57
Overall Place: 8th
Division Place: 3/28
15k Split:1:04:05
16mile Split: 1:45:39
Mile Pace:6:52

All-in-all another great race and I'll try and see if I can't make it back next year.

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