Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stillwater Marathon 2009-Results

The Stillwater marathon is officially done.  It was probably the toughest course I have ever ran, there were constant rolling hills and several significant ones that really made the course difficult.  That combined with the heat that was in the mid 60's towards the end of the race made for a challenging course to say the least.  

Overall Place:11th
Division Place: 4th
Sex Place: 11th
10K Split: 40:11
13.1 Mile Mark: 1:26:18
20 Mile Split: 2:15:24
Last 10k: 48:05

Gun Time 3:03:29
Chip Time: 3:03:28

I went out a little too fast I was shooting for a sub 2:50:00 time, but after about 5 miles I realized that was not going to happen.  I felt pretty good for most of the race just didn't have the extra get up and go needed to propel me up with the top runners.  All in all it was a great event and for the 1st annual race the staff and volunteers did a pretty good job.  The course was beautiful when I was not wincing in pain from running up hills.  We'll see if I'm back next year, it is definitely a challenging race.  Now its time for the ice tub.


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