Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Heart Rate Monitor!!!

Well, even though I have been using it for about a week and a half.  I'm finally going to post about it now.  I got my new heart rate monitor, I finally broke down and bought one and I absolutely love it.  I went with the Polar FT80 with the GPS sensor and it is great.  It is probably more than I needed but it make tracking your workouts soooo much easier.  

It also looks pretty good, if there was a running watch that had any bling to it this would have to be the closest one.  It is very sleek and fits well, I don't really even notice it while running and I usually don't wear a watch.  The GPS sensor is great it tells you your distance and speed and have a really nice syncing system that records all your workouts and uploads them to your personal profile.  All you do is set the watch on the docking station and it uploads automatically.  

It also give you a lot of great data on your workout, (heart rate zones, distance avg. speed ect.)  anyways I would definitely recommend this watch for any somewhat serious runner, biker, or ect. the only thing is that it is expensive, $425 for the heart rate monitor and GPS sensor, so you have to be somewhat serious.  

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