Monday, March 9, 2009

Post Run Recovery:

Well, I did promise to provide some advice from my experiences running.  One of the big things that I have learned is how to recover well from my races and workouts.  One thing that really helps me is massage.  Of course you need to always try and do a good cool down and post run stretch. 

Ideally I would go and get a sports massage, but I can't afford to get one every time is have a hard workout, but even massaging my own legs or rolling them using the large form roller works great.  It actually hurts a bit when doing either, but for me it helps to reduce soreness the next day.   The key is to do it right after your post run cool down and stretch.  So give is a try or if you have a running partner or loved one that is willing to massage your sweaty legs even better. 

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